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What is TechStop?

TechStop is a New York City tech startup in the early testing phase that is working to merge corporate quality IT support with the on demand service app model to help improve tech support for personal tech owners and to empower technology professionals with a platform to make extra money. The beta was built on a No-Code Programming web tool, Bubble.is, and will first be released as a web application. With more support and funding, it will turn it into a mobile app for IOS and Android devices.

Our goal is to make TechStop a “One Stop Shop” for all of technical needs and save people time and money on getting the best tech services they can find at the push of a button.

There are several things we’re hoping to accomplish by doing this. As we perfect our app and brand of services to resolve people’s technical issues, we also want to educate them, much in the same way good IT support does in the office. This way, people can feel confident in their own technical abilities to resolve difficult tech issues, but can still rely on us if need be.

Also, IT Specialist who struggle to land steady, long term or permanent jobs can use our app as a platform to build their own schedules and pull in some additional revenue. Or, our app can serve as a launch point for newly certified computer techs who just cannot find work, and get hands on experience so they can knock out interviews.

Eventually, we want to offer additional services to both users and techs to help them better understand the rapidly evolving age of technologies, stay on top of important knowledge and even how to protect themselves from the rapid increase of cyber vulnerabilities.

We’re currently looking for beta testers for a closed trail. Participants will receive discount coupons for their feedback. Sign up here and please remember to like, share and follow our social to stay up to date on our latest news.