Our Mission

People use technology to do amazing things but leading providers such as Geek Squad under-deliver and overcharge. TechStop wants to connect people with freelance technology professionals in just a few buttons to save them time and money on tech services while empowering techs to be their own bosses and earn an extra income.

Our Services

-Data Backup/Transfer
-Computer 101
-Connectivity Help
-Internet 101
-Device Support
-Mobile 101
-Computer Security
-Internet Security
-IoT Security
-Online ID Security
-Virus Removal
-Cyber 101
-Windows OS
-Mac OS
-Software 101
-TV Calibration
-Smart TV Connect
-Theater 101
Smart Home
-Device Setup/Help
-Camera Setup
-Lock Install
-Light Setup
-Smart Home 101
Digital Footprint
-Profile Setup/Help
-Email Setup/Cleanup
-Account Consolidation
-Digital Footprint 101
-Ink/Toner Change
-Printer 101

How it works

Press some buttons, Get great service
Select from a list of services, choose the date, time and place along with a description of your need, all for a flat rate. No travel, no waiting on lines and no long phone calls.

Get paired, Get Support
A freelance technology professional will claim your ticket and come to you to provide the service. Once they’re done just sign off on it from within your app and they’re paid automatically.

You rate, we’ll listen
Your feedback is very important to us and will help us develop the perfect app so that every experience is a 5 Star experience!

See the Beta app

Get updates on TechStop’s latest activities as we work towards our official company launch and the release of our app.

We’ll email you a secret link and you’ll be among the first to get a hands on look at the app. Your feedback will get us one step closer to an official version release. You’ll earn special shout outs, first dibs on swag and DISCOUNT CODES.


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