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Press some buttons, Get some service
Select from a list of services, choose the date, time and place along with a description of your need, all for a flat rate. No travel, no waiting on lines and no long phone calls.

Get paired, Get Support
A freelance technology professional will claim your ticket and come to you to provide the service. Once they’re done just sign off on it from within your app and they’re paid automatically.

You rate, we’ll listen
Your feedback is very important to us and will help us develop the perfect app so that every experience is a 5 Star experience!

About Us

Tech Service That Cares

We are an Electronics and Computer Services Limited Liability Company founded in June 2017 by Reginald Andreas. Our mission is to merge corporate quality IT support with the flexibility of on demand service apps to create a two market platform that delivers personal technology owners with an improved tech services experience by connecting them directly with freelance technology professionals in a few buttons.

Disappointed in the overpriced yet poor quality of services offered by Best Buy’s Geek Squad, Reginald researched alternative tech repair services throughout New York City only to find that most brands were poorly reviewed by customers, especially Geek Squad who was been ranked the #1 tech service in the city.

Having become an IT Professional himself, Reginald saw the differences in technical support that business users received from what personal technology users received. He also saw first hand how skilled technology specialists struggle to find steady and fair paying jobs, becoming inspired to bring corporate quality IT services from the office and into people’s homes to provide them better, faster and affordable on demand tech services provided by technology professionals looking to make their own extra cash.


Seeking Beta Testers

Without any programming knowledge it was very difficult for Reginald to pursue his idea. However, after stumbling upon a No-Code Programming tool called Bubble.Is he spent the last few years learning the platform and developing a beta version of the app to test with customers.

We’re happy to announce that we now have a functioning beta that we’re looking to test, and need your help in understanding its strengths and weaknesses so that we can develop the first app for you.

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